Hello! Welcome to the Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard. Here are Michael, Michaela and the others. We are a group of like minded people who have come together to live our faith in the Nordic Germanic gods.
Frankfurt is the founding place of our group, and lies in the centre of Europe in the midst of Germany.
On our site you find information about the Gods, the Northern Germanic mythology and our religion Asatru here and now. You will find articles, prayers, poetry, meditative texts, tips for everyday life and more.
Your comments and questions are very welcome. Get in touch and participate! News here.
We are continously expanding. Please keep in mind we are translating everything from German to English, so this part of the site will grow slower.

14 of February - Freya`s & Frigga`s Day of Delight

Freyas and Friggas Day of Delight

We wish all Asatru a
blessed 14 of February!

Frigga and Freya invite us Asatru to have day of joy and to share the gifts of the gods. Make others happy!

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The shrines of the Gods are an invitiation of the Gods to us! Light a candle at Frigga's Shrine, Odin's Shrine, Thor's Shrine and Heimdall's Shrine leave a few words.

Our Asatru CD Der Ruf der Götter (The Call of the Gods) has been launched. Listen to the songs and enjoy a travel to the Gods. 15 Asatru-Songs for You. It started with poems, they evolved to songs with mp3 online the icing on the top is our CD
As bonus material you find included on the CD a songbook in German and English and a Flyer about Asatru in pdf format. Our religion has new songs. We conntect to the tradition of the skalds and bring our gods in every home.
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Our online pages for you

Asatru Articles, e.g. Prayers, Meditations, Poems, e.g.
Preamble of Enlightened Asatru Questions about Odin
The Gods' Blessing for our Home Frigga's Spring Cleaning Prayer
Ostara 2010 - An Egg Wandered through Frankfurt Frigga's Bees Prayer
Living with the Gods. Living for the Gods. Living through the Gods. Freya's Wings
Corner of the Gods: Altars in Asatru Freya's Rose
What is Asatru? A short introduction to our faith. Who are we? About our community, what we do and why we do it.


Hall of Remembrance Life means saying goodbye to people we love. This is a place to remember them. Asatru-Hotline
Questions? Troubles? Answers by and for Asatru.
Call 0176/51422844 or mail us.


The Poetic Edda(Elder Edda)
The Bellows translation.
Prosa-Edda (Younger Edda, Snorra Edda)
The Bellows translation. Upcoming
The Edda Speaks
Listen to the Edda as MP3! Upcoming.
Asatru Speaks
Poems, Meditations and Articles spoken as MP3. Upcoming.
The Asatru-Cookbook Easy receipes for moots & rituals.
Freyas Temptation one taste and your are lost
Asatru-Songbook MP3
Songs for ritual, blot, feasts, campfire and children.
Riddle Song MP3 - Which Gods is she singing about?


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More websites by us:

Asatru-Stammtisch Frankfurt
Monthly, independent heathen pubmoot. Interested? Come visit!
Odin's Gift
Over 1400 English Asatru poems, songs and MP3.
Submissions welcome!
Loki's Laughter - Asatru Humor
Heathen Jokes, funny anecdotes, witticism and curiosities.
Over 500 German Asatru poems, songs and MP3.
Submissions welcome!

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What is Enlightened Asatru?

Asatru is the faith in the Aesir and Vanir, the Nordic-Germanic Gods. This faith was part of the religion of the Germanic tribes but today it is an culturally independent religion. The Germans or Germanic people were a group of humans that had in common a certain tongue and their beliefs were different over distance and time and they changed. They had all in common the bound with the gods.

The bond with the Nordic-Germanic Gods

This bond keeps us together even today. Asatru is a modern religion with old roots. It is not about imitating what `once might have been`. Asatru is about living with the gods today, here and now, even though we do keep in mind what once was, and let the inspiration flow through the sources like the Edda.

Asatru is a religion

A religion lives from the change and reflects the necessities of the present believers. Tradition means to keep the good and meaningful, and to let go what has lost its meaning.

Equality of all mankind

We belief in the equality of all mankind. We strongly object any kind of misuse of Asatru by any extremist group or individuals. Any form of ostracism, right wing or radical mindsets has nothing in common with us. In the old times anyone who heard the call of the gods could follow them, and this is still true today.
Asatru for Human Rights - Enlightened Asatru - Asatru Ring Frankfurt und Midgard

We are not responsable for the contenct of other websites we link to and which has links pointing to us.
We hereby dissociate ourselves expressly from all contents of all pages linked from our web site and do not claim such contents to be our own.

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