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Freyas Temptation
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Love shows in a good meal and who gives in the temptation and taste the gift of Freya will be changed. One who tasted it once will never be able to keep the finger from it. It is a real treat who can be served at Hohe Maien and any other time.

Freya`s Kiss

Whoever finds the hidden almond In the bread pudding is kissed by Freya. How this affects you further I give in your hands and Freya will show you. 


 Generous portions for 5 persons

150 gram of fresh white bread crumps

(About 250 gram of white bread without the crust results in 150 gram white bread crumps)

3 table spoons (about 30 gram) of fine sugar

Lemon chest (not sprayed) or 15 drops of lemon oil

750 ml full milk

75 gram butter

15 drops of vanilla oil

4 yellow of the egg

6 table spoons cherry or strawberry jam

40 gram of cored cherries

One almond (for the kiss of Freya)



3 egg-white

110 gram of fine sugar


Take a bowl und mix sugar and lemon chest (or lemon oil). Heat the milk in a pot till it nearly reaches its boiling point and take it from the stove. Ad the butter and vanilla oil and wait till the butter melts. In the meantime slice the white bread and remove the crust. The crust less bread is pulled in smaller crumps and laid out evenly in the greased casserole dish. Pour the milk over it and wait. It has to soak for at least ten minutes so the bread crumps are fully drenched. Stir the whisked yellow of the eggs and the cherries carefully under until all becomes a whole. Use this moment to hide the almond and forget where you put it. So the finder can by enjoy the kiss of Freya.

Bake it for 180 degree Celsius in the preheated oven for 45 minutes. Take it out and apple carefully the warmed jam with a brush on the surface.


Beat the egg-white (cooled in refrigerator in the meantime) until it is stiff and add carefully the sugar. Put it as another layer upon the pudding and spread it so the small caps stand up.  Bake it for another 20 minutes until the tops of the caps gets gold brown.

Serve it warm and be careful as Freya’s temptation might be ripped out of your hands.

Good Appetite!   

© Michael Schütz -  Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard -