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Asatru Ring Frankfurt
Living with the Gods. Living for the Gods. Living through the Gods.

The Poetic Edda (Older Edda, Codex Regius, Saemundar Edda)
In the translation of Bellows. The text is public domain.

The poetic Edda is a collection of old nordic poetry of unknown authors - Lays of the gods, Lays of the heroes, worldly
 wisdoms. The oldest surviving handwritten collection is the so called Codex Regius. The collected works therein have
been written down before by Saemundur Sidfusson (1056-1133). The content is older then the 11th century and has
most likely survived as spoken works for several centuries before they were written down. Depictions on norwegian
Stave churches and memorial stones shows that the themes in the Edda are much older. Beside the Codex Regius their are
several other poems and songs who survived, becasue of their similarity in style, iambus and content their are seen as eddic
Songs as well

I Lays of the Gods
1.  Voluspo
2.  Hovamol
3.  Vafthruthnismol
4.  Grimnismol
5.  Skirnismol
6.  Harbarthsljoth
7.  Hymiskvitha
8.  Lokasenna
9.  Thrymskvitha
10. Alvissmol
11. Baldrs Draumar
12. Rigsthula
13. Hyndluljoth
14. Svipdagsmol

II Lays of the Heroes
15. Völundarkvitha
16. Helgakvitha Hjorvarthssonar
17. Helgakvitha Hundingsbana I
18. Helgakvitha Hundingsbana II
19. Fra Dautha Sinfjotla
20. Gripisspo
21. Reginsmol
22. Fafnismol
23. Sigrdrifumol
24. Brot Af Sigurtharkvithu
25. Guthrunarkvitha I
26. Sigurtharkvitha En Skamma
27. Helreith Brynhildar
28. Drap Niflunga
29. Guthrunarkvitha II, En Forna
30. Guthrunarkvitha III
31. Oddrunargratr
32. Atlakvitha En Grönlenzka
33. Atlamol En Grönlenzku
34. Guthrunarhvot
35. Hamthesmol