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An Egg wandered through Frankfurt
Asatru celebrated the feast of the Gods Ostara 2010
© Michael Schütz

Finally it was the time to celebrate Ostara with the Gods. We all had eagerly awaited this day. Our preliminary discussions took a bit longer as some were there for there first feast. They should know what was going to happen and to allow time for their questions.

With the Ostara Egg carried in front of us, we marched to our blot. Everyone carried a part of the supplies for the ritual.  Most noticeable was our huge, yellow egg on top of a stick. It was decorated with spring flowers and is a symbol for Ostara and her birth in this time.

Not even the rain good cloud our good mood. When we arrived at the ritual place, the rain ended as if commanded. Thor smiled upon us. 

We gathered around the oak and decorated the place.  Then we called upon the Gods. We raised our voices and created a room of community of God and men. We passed the ring around to fortify our solidarity.

We were hungry for an Awakening, a new beginning after the long gray days of winter. The waiting came to an end, the soil defrosted, like the delicate seed that broke the soil and lifted its head to form a bud and blossom in all its beauty and majesty.  It was a departure to a new shore with the strength and the support of our Gods. The passion of  Freya awoke in us, the strengths of Thor, the inspiration of Odin came over us. We saw familiarities with new eyes. The vibrancy of the Gods bloomed again in us. So we lifted Thor’s Hammer to drive the Frost Giants away.

We passed the hammer around.  Everyone struck the ground to waken Ostara from her slumber and expel the frost giants.

Like Frey’s boar ploughs the ground, making furrows with the sow tooth (a rake with a single tine).  So we opened the ground to renew life and bring out the seed. At last we sprinkled it with Ostara water.  We had harvested the seed at the autumn blot, stored it over midwinter and planted it today.  The sow tooth went from person to person as we created a Thor’s Hammer in the ground until finally our work was done.  We planted flowers at all three ends of the “T” to add colour.

After the “hard” work, we raised the horn to the Gods and sent it around the circle three times. Toasts were raised to Thor, Odin, Freya, Frigga and the community of the Gods. Offerings were made to the Gods.  We remembered all Asatru who weren’t able to take part in the ritual. 

The meal with the Gods is a special treat since Alex brought her fabulous cookies.  This time we had an even a wider choice as Sarah baked as well.  Usually we have three rounds of drink and one round of food.  Alex and Sarah’s cookies were so good and we had so many that we had as many round of cookies we had for the drink.

We sang the Ostara song, even as some usually have concerns about there ability to sing.
We threw the eggs in order to break them, which symbolized a new beginning.  After we threw the Ostara eggs we searched for them in the grass.  We threw the eggs wide, we threw them high, and still not one of them was broken.  We tried it a second and a third time but the rain had softened the soil and so we had to find other solutions to break the eggs. Finally we smashed egg on egg to break the shell.  We stood again in the circle and ate the eggs with relish and shared ring shaped bread rolls.
Rejoiced, we walked back with the huge egg on the pole leading the way.  We sat together for quite a long time.       

Ostara is now awakened.  We returned to our daily lives elated and filled with new energy.  Today and all the following days we live with the Gods.

©Michael Schütz -  Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard - www.asatruringfrankfurt.de

- Enlightened Asatru