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Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard
     Living with the Gods. Living for the Gods. Living through the Gods.

News in Asatru



Hall of Remembrance for Asatru - A place to remembe loved ones

The shrines of the Gods are an invitation of the Gods to us! Light a candle and leave a few words. Over 14 days the candle will burn down and be replaced with a symbol of the Gods.

Community of the Gods - We are your children, you give us confidence

Thor´s Shrine - The friend of menkind invites us to the shrine.

Frigga's Shrine of the Gods - Come before the mother, come home to the Goddess

Odin´s Shrine - He welcomes us to endulge into in his mysteries

Freya´s Shrine - Lovely Goddess allow us to drink from the cup of passion

Heimdall´s Shrine - His horn calls us to his shrine.

Frey´s Shrine - is coming soon- You let grow, sprout and prosper, let us grow in our life


Questions about Thor - Which way does Thor go?

Bond of the Gods - The Bond of the Gods lies smoothly in the hand - A palpable link between the Gods and us.

Courage to live with the Gods - Whatever comes Thor is on our side. I live with the Gods, they give me strength.

Life Force of the Gods -

Questions about Odin


Ostaracalendar from the 13th to the 21 one can open a new window every day with symbols of the Gods and other surprises

Ostara. Goddess, Gods's Feast, New Beginning

Ostara's Rabbit Symbol of the Gods

Cut Furrow - Ostara ritual

Freya's Rose - Symbol of the Gods

Ostara Blessing - Asatru Prayer

Ostara Awakes - Asatru Prayer

We color Ostara's Eggs not only for kids

What shall we paint on Ostara's Eggs? not only for kids

Frey's Boar Gullinborsti and Freyas Swine Hildisvini - Symbols of the Gods

Frigga's Bee - Symbol of the Gods

Frigga's Spring Cleaning Prayer

Frigga's Bees Prayer

Freya's Wings

Freya's Rose

Eira's healing Carmomille

Frey's Boar Prayer


Preamble of Enlightened Asatru

The Gods' Blessing for our Home *New*

Ostara 2010 - An Egg Wandered through Frankfurt *New* The feast with the Gods Ostara and how we celebrated it. Share the experience of a living community.

We would like to share what we made - from Asatru for Asatru Edition Aufgeklärtes Asatru Webshop Edition Enlightenend Asatru Webshop. When you like to order our album Ruf der Götter (The Call of the Gods) or our pictures of the Gods, keyring of the Gods, matchboxes of the Gods and more. Take a look and tell us if you liked it and what else you would like to see.

Our CD der Ruf der Götter (The Call of the Gods)*New* is out. You can listen to the preview on here.

More in the  Asatru-Songbook MP3 *New*Songs for ritual, blot, feasts, campfire and children.
I am Hel the Dark One & MP3 *New* Soon to come on our German Asatru-CD with 15 songs
Masks & MP3  *New* A wind-blown cloak with hat drawn down; nears gauntly, passes, and is gone; 
My Fulltrui is Frey the Bold &
MP3 *New* My fulltrui is Frey the bold,the Lord of land and fields.

Prayer,Meditative Text, Poetry
* Catch Freya *New*
* Odin's Daughter *New* You are searching as Odin.

The Asatru-Cookbook  *New*Easy receipes for moots & rituals.
Freyas Temptation
one taste and your are lost

The Asatru-Songbook
MP3 *New* Songs for ritual, blot, feasts, campfire and children.

* Riddle Song  Which Gods is she singing about?
* Over Midgard So Wide &MP3
* The Rainbow Bridge &MP3
* Hail the Blest Gods & MP3  Hymn
* Gods of my Life & MP3 Song
* Od - Freyas Search &MP3
Living with the Gods. Living for the Gods. Living through the Gods. *New*
The motto of the AsatruRingFRankfurt & Midgard and what it really means!

Prayer,Meditative Text, Poetry

*  Lady Freya  *New* Lady Freya, free and fair

Prayer,Meditative Text, Poetry
*  For all Asatru *New*
*  Freya`s Cup of Passion *New*
*  Frigga`s Mirror *New*
*  Frigga the Mother *New*
Fylgia Companion on Midgard *New*
Moonlight Fylgia *New*
*  Odin Crosser of Boundaries *New*
The Call of the Gods *New*
*  Thor the Upright *New*
Touched by the Gods *New*

March 2008

Asatruarticles *New*
Asatru and Women Is Asatru the last Bastion of Machismo? *New* 

Corner of the Gods, Altar in Asatru. A Place to Meet the Nordic, Germanic Gods *New*

January 2008
Good overhaul of the site, fixed the navigation structure & hyperlink list.

The Edda Speaks project
will start as soon I have recovered from my cold. The Edda spoken as MP3 for all to listen to.

Asatru Speaks will come soon

*New* The Poetic Edda Online *New*
in the translation of Bellows


The Asatru Hall of Remembrance is now online *New*
A place to remember for the loved Ones who have passed away.
Your contributions are welcome. If you need any assistance in finding the proper words we will help you.


Prayer,Meditative Text, Poetry
* Odin´s Gift  
* War Prayer
* Visions
* A Soldier´s Prayer (short version)
* A Soldier´s Prayer (long version)

* Going Down

* Time to Go

* Silence

* Guardians of Fate
* On Being a Warrior 

* Ask and Embla

* Driven by Odin 
* Sea and Mountain
* Show Face
* The Counsellor

* Disir 

* Now it is Time



Finally, I have more time for the website. Several articles will be uploaded in the coming days,
first in German, with subsequent translations to English.

Two new persons have visited our monthly pubmoot.


2006 has been a truly international year for us. The ARF has been guest of several European Asatru communities.
We attended the Ninth Anniversary meeting of both Bifrost in Denmark, and Het Rad in the Netherlands.

We also were able to meet in person members of the Troth (USA), the Asatruarfelagidh (Iceland), and Bifrost (Norway).

...and now we go online!

© Michael Schütz -  Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard - www.asatruringfrankfurt.de