Frigga's and Freya's Day of Delight

14th of February a Day of Joy and Passion

Freyas day of Delight - Asatru Ring Midgard

Frigga and Freya invite us Asatru to have day of joy and to share the gifts of the gods. Make others happy! Whether it is a smile while shopping or whether it is the one giving away a flower.

Thinking especially of your loved ones and make the day special: A selfmade gift, love words in a card, something crazy what you would otherwise do for anyone.

Do yourself a treat, get something special for you: The special chocolate to consume with pleasure, enjoy an hour with a good book you wanted to read for a long time, watch your favorite movie again, sit a few minutes in the sun and enjoy life. You know what brings you the greatest joy. Do it today!

Have fun with the gods!

freyas day of delight brings us joy - asatru ring midgard

Share it with others!

We wish you all a Happy day of delight with Freya and Frigga!

Frigga bestows us with comfort share it with your loved ones!
Freya gives you a smile, share it!
Frigga bestows you comfort, Freya gives us a smile, share the gifts of the Gods!





Frigga and Freyas day of delight - Asatru Ring

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