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Odin the Wanderer

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Odin the Wanderer
Odin is always on the way as he searches for insight. He is accompanied by his ravens Hugin and Munin, their names mean thought and memory. The hat shades the face, so no one can see the empty eye socket. To earn a drink from Mimirs well, the fountain of wisdom, he dropped his eye in the well.
Odin is the right one for all creative workers, as his gift is inspiration. Odin´s gifts comes with a price as what once seen you can not forget. If you look for uncommon solutions or ways to walk then you will find Odin. When you plan in the long run to reach your aim then it is Odin who can help you.

Format:  passe-partout 40x30cm, picture size 19x27cm

The pictures of the Gods are available in different sizes Din A4, Din A5, Din A6, Visitenkartengröße. If you are looking for a size that is not available then just ask us and write to


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