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The Call of the Gods - Album

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"The Call of the Gods" offers 15 songs celebrating the Gods.  Join us in our journey of joyful and festive songs honoring the Gods and the Asatru way of life.

All Songs as 15-second preview - (Just click one one of the underlined links to download and listen to any song preview.)
Der Ruf der Götter  (The Call of the Gods)
02. Rätsel-Lied  (Riddle Song)
03. Die Regenbogenbrücke (The Rainbow Bridge )
04. Seht, wie der Regenbogen (See Now the Rainbow)
05. Stern im Norden (The North Star Has Arisen)
06. Frühling kommt (Spring is Coming)
07. Kinder der Götter (Children of Aesir and Vanir)
08. Treibholz sind wir (Driftwood We Are)
09. Ich ging einst wie im Traume
(I Once Walked Through a Dreamland)
10. Ich bin Hel die Dunkle (I am Hel the Dark One)
11. Regengesang (Thor-Lied) (Rain Chant - Thor Song)
12. Wir sind der Asatru-Ring (We are the Asatru Ring)
Die Großstadtheiden gehn zum Blot (The City Heathens go to Blot)
14. Neun tapfre Asatru (Nine Daring Asatru)
15. Wir ehren die Asen (We Honor the Aesir)


Songbook in English and German

Price: 9 Euro + 2,50 postage in Germany.
We deliver all around Midgard, just ask us about shipping fees.

The proceeds go straight to Asatru.  If you would like to listen to more music from us and to see other inspiring projects grow, then make sure to get your own copy. Spread the word and tell your friends, or even better, give our CD as a present to your friends :-)!

This CD and other projects would have never been possible without the support from Asatru all over Midgard.
Many thanks to you, and the Gods with you in all you do.
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