Frigga Goddess - Asatru RingFriggas Shrine of the Gods

Frigga looks deep within others and knows them.
Nothing keeps hidden from her, and yet she accepts everyone.

Frigga is the Mother who lays the mantle of her gentleness protectingly on us.
In her fold one is sheltered safely and lovingly.

Frigga asks no questions, for she already knows the answer.
She knows one will talk when the time has come.

Frigga is the Mother who takes care of her children intimately and devotedly.
Always she is there, and has an open ear for them.
Michael Schütz

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12.06.2012 A prayer to Frigga:
Mother may I take my turn
changing fibre into thread
at the wheel so to learn
the path that wise-women tread

Mother may I walk this way
down the quiet hidden trail
from the darkness into day
never falter, never fail

Mother may I hold your hand
on this steep and uphill climb
for I know you understand
all that I shall learn in time

Mother may I close my eyes
I am weary and must rest
stroke my hair and calm my sighs
for I know mother knows best

In love and thanksgiving for all Your blessings, Mother.
Maris Pái

Frigga`s hearth fire warms us by night - Asatru Ring

24.05.20122377 A thanks to Frigga:
Goddess of Mothers,
Mother of Gods,
You keep all together:
Houses and hearts,
Family, finances, food
Balancing needs,
Chores and duty,
Resting and feasting.
Mother and manager,
Keep our hearthfire burning
And the living flame of our love!

Michaela Macha

Frigga`s hearth fire warms us by night - Asatru Ring

24.05.20122396 A thanks to Frigga:
Frigga, mother of all. How I am honured to be in your presence. The happiness of my childhood & the happiness of my own chilldren I thank you. To be surrounded by the Flora & Fauna and to taste, smell, hear, see & feel the presence of your energy all around me I thank you.
Hail frigga our Mother.
Richard, northern england.

Frigga`s hearth fire warms us by night - Asatru Ring

14.05.20122396 (other theme)
Mother! You are with me in all things. I lay my head on your lap as a child, sit with you by your wheel as a friend. What can I say other than...Thank You. It is with the deepest of love that I give my heart, my life, my soul and all that I am into your care.- Larisa Hunter Mist

Frigga`s hearth fire warms us by night - Asatru Ring

14.05.20122406 A prayer to Frigga:
My beloved Mother in Asgard,
You are always at my side, for this I love You!
You are my faithfull company, for this I adore You!
You are my best advisor, for this I `m deeply gratefull!

Volker Walter - Wiesbaden

Frigga`s hearth fire warms us by night - Asatru Ring

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Frigga's Symbols

Frigga's bees are always on the run - Asatru Ring

Frigga's knot unites persons in marriage, partnership, and community - Asatru Ring

Frigga's key opens doors and sets limits - Asatru Ring

Frigga's house protects us and provides us a home - Asatru Ring

Frigga's goose protects home and house - Asatru Ring

Frigga`s hearth fire warms us by night - Asatru Ring