Freya's Shrine of the Gods

Freya Goddess - Asatru RingFreya's heart is a gift,Freya´s Beauty comes in many forms
Her love is without equal.
Freya's Heart is open to everyone,
Who cherishes her bestowment.

Her love can surprise us,
but she never let us go.
Passion let the heart beat faster,
Everything changes, gives the life new splendor.

A loss hits us in the midst of the heart,
Freya helps us over this pain.
She gives us a new outlook,
Her craft gives us back our life.

Her kiss can reach everyone,
She can soften up everyone´s heart,
Our heart inflames with desire,
No one every sliped from Freya's grip.

Freya´s heart speaks every language,
Love comes without words.
Freya's heart beats in all of us,
Divine Freya lives in the midst of us.
Michael Schütz

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30.11.2018 a request to Freya:
Freya, goddess of love, please help with a financial blessing to pay off my debts and take care of my mother, children and the animals. good health and peace and prosperity in our homes and to fine my soul mate a true love that my heart yearns love Mark

Freya´s heart embraces us all - Asatru Ring

19.04.2018110 a request to Freya:
Lady of Love and War,
For nearly 19 a thorn has been lodged in my heart. I ask you to help ease this pain left me by the passing of a friend, pain that has lain dormant. It is getting harder to fill the void of loss, and the uncertainty of what could have happened. I have sought comfort through action, through my trade as a cook, but of late the void has been growing and threatening to swallow me.

Freya´s heart embraces us all - Asatru Ring

19.04.2018335 A thanks to Freya:
Freya, thank you so much for the gift of my 3 kitten fur babies, after my dog died. They are a great help in getting over his loss, although he will never be forgotten, or replaced.. I am taking care and raising them in your honor. Also am feeding the strays & ferals as well as trying to take care of my own cat. I hope you enjoyed the cherry pie I gave you, with the honey on top. I know you like your sweets. :) the goddess of love and war, would love nothing more than to find the right man to come into my life, as well as you to see that I too can be a warrior as well. I have always been a fighter, never will I give up without a fight. Hope you see that in me. Thank you for all that you have done for me and continue to do.

Freya´s heart embraces us all - Asatru Ring

20.01.2018335 A thanks to Freya:
Heartfelt thanks most divine Freyja for hearing my prayers and blessing me this week, I am truly grateful for your kindness and support , and light candles in your honour.

Freya´s heart embraces us all - Asatru Ring

31.01.2017424 a request to Freya:
Dearest Freya,
Thank you for lighting the way and coming into my life. I am truly grateful to be setting upon this path. I have meaningful work, a lovely child, and for this I am ever grateful. However, you know as a loving, true woman what troubles my heart and you see my struggles, my hurt and my pain. I ask for one that is worthy to come into my life, as an equal.

Freya´s heart embraces us all - Asatru Ring

08.01.2017778 A thanks to Freya:
For your gift of swans and good omens in this New Year.

Freya´s heart embraces us all - Asatru Ring

06.12.2016801 A thanks to Freya:
I give thee praise beautiful Freya, you are the most perfect example of Germanic womanhood, lady of love and lust. May I serve thee!

Freya´s heart embraces us all - Asatru Ring

13.04.2016834 A prayer to Freya:
Dearest Freya, I thank you for the gifts given to me,and I ask that you help my home become a good one, so that my cats can eat with joy in their hearts. So that they can run and play and be happy again. Thank you Freya for all the love and patience and light that fills my home every single day. I don`t mind that it isn`t fancy, but I ask it be safe and Healthy for my cats as well as myself. Thank you Beautiful Freya for coming into my life, and thank you for helping this home become mine, without the remnants of the people who were into clean and left it dirty and gross before. We will make it nice again. Thank you for always helping me to take care of my beautiful cats. Hail Freya!

Freya´s heart embraces us all - Asatru Ring

11.03.20161071 a request to Freya:
I ask for your patience, your love and the warmth of your hearth. I was lost and wandered far from the light and I long for home. Yet even in the darkest moments all I had to do was open my heart and reach your light. Forgive me for my foolishness, for allowing my fear to shutter my heart. I know your love. I will never forget again. You called me to you so long ago and though I may get lost sometimes I will always find my way back.

Freya´s heart embraces us all - Asatru Ring

22.11.20151104 A thanks to Freya:
Dearest Lady. Thank you for all the love in my life.

Freya´s heart embraces us all - Asatru Ring

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