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Odin's Shrine of the Gods

Wherever we go Odin,
You are already there..
In your steps we walk,
Teach us where we should go.

You give us an incentive for a new beginning.
You give us vision and insight.
One drop of the mead of the Gods is inspiration.

You give inspiration.
You gift ideas.
You let us pursue new ways.
Michael Schütz

Visit the other shrines of the Gods, read the words of others and leave some yourself. Wherever we are we are connected by the Gods.

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19.07.2018 A thanks to Odin:
Valfather...you continue to amaze me. Your lessons are on point, your wisdom marvels my mind. I keep doing my best to make you proud. Sometimes I fail. But even in my failures you‘ve taught me the value of the experience and keep me pushing along with my endeavors with renewed energy. Thank you. I love you Father!

Odins Walknut holds his mystery - Asatru Ring

03.07.2018340 A thanks to Odin:
Thank you, Allfather, for the strength that you give me when I need it the most - thank you for every push and every pull. Thank you for coming into my life and changing it from the ground up. Thank you for the inspiration and wisdom that you give me and thank you for your continuing presence in my life.
Hail Odin! Hail the Old Gods and Goddesses of the North!

Odins Walknut holds his mystery - Asatru Ring

19.04.2018356 A thanks to Odin:
Allfather, thank you for your knowledge & wisdom you give to me. Thank you for the gift of the wolf course in exchange for tipping off the right people to the wolf hunters. A gift for a gift. Am trying hard to finish it, although the intrest has waned, yes I know. I am trying to do it in your honor, since it is knowledge, & Lastly, I am quickly finding out, a difficult course. I am trying not to let the knowledge go to waste noneoftheless. Thank you for showing me my real friends from the fake. It has helped me in leaps and bounds. Thank you for pulling me out of my depression, only you could have done it. Lastly, thank you for anything I have not yet thanked you for. For you help more then you know.

Odins Walknut holds his mystery - Asatru Ring

14.03.2018431 A prayer to Odin:
Hail Odin, the Wise Aesir! Taketh my living on Midgard for good. My mom is not worthy of your presence, she will go to Helheim. Give me my request, Great One, for I shall feast with you, Howard Stark, and Yondu, if need be.

Hail my old gods!

Odins Walknut holds his mystery - Asatru Ring

02.02.2018467 A thanks to Odin:
Thank you for teaching me wisdom.

Odins Walknut holds his mystery - Asatru Ring

08.01.2018507 A request to Odin:
Please take my soul to Valhalla ASAP! For this, I want to live life in a good way, like a god. Please take me now.

Odins Walknut holds his mystery - Asatru Ring

10.12.2017532 A prayer to Odin:
Odin, I pray to you to help me get to Asgard. I can`t take Midgard sometimes. I want to reside with you. I will try good on everyone and thing. Hail All-Father!

Odins Walknut holds his mystery - Asatru Ring

13.04.2017561 A thanks to Odin:
Vater, wir hatten gestern eine unglaublich rede. Danke.

Odins Walknut holds his mystery - Asatru Ring

06.12.2016802 A thanks to Odin:
Hail Odin. I give thee thanks for thy revelation that I am descended from thy sons, the Volsungs and the Saxon Kings. Father, All-Father I am thy servant. Let me continue to do thy bidding here on Midgard until you call me home.

Odins Walknut holds his mystery - Asatru Ring

03.02.2016930 A thanks to Odin:
The forum is a brgiethr place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

Odins Walknut holds his mystery - Asatru Ring

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