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The Gods' Blessing for our Home

© Michael Schütz - Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard

Each time we move, we arrive in new surroundings where we still have to make ourselves at home. After everything has been unpacked and furnished, we often make a house-warming party. We invite those that are closest to us, and only when the Gods are there as well it feels really like home. So we ask them for their blessings.

1) Blessing the Door with the Hammer of Thor

Thor protects us Asatru in Midgard. As Utgard begins just beyond our doorstep, Thor is the best warder of our home. Take a Thor´s hammer and hang it above the door, or on it. It could be a wooden carving or a small pendant you suspend from a nail, or you can trace a hammer on the door with your finger, chalk, or with water. You could also put a hammer
from your toolbox on a dresser next to your door. Speak e.g. the following words, asking Thor for protection:

Thor, you are standing in the front row to protect Midgard and Asgard.
We ask you to bless our home, and everyone that enters and leaves it.
We welcome all here who wish us and our home well.
Thor, please take care of the others :-).
Support us to make this a place of peace, of community, and recreation,
that we may live here in community with the Gods.

2) Welcoming the Gods

Whether you call it altar, vé or Gods' corner, whether it´s small or spacious, whether it´s in your living room or your bedroom, here you can welcome the Gods with warm words of greeting and invite them in. I like to put up the God statues and images up in a new room very early, as it makes one feel at home all the sooner. We also put our Yule candle there, which accompanies us throughout the year in our blots, and from which we light the new candle on next Yule, so that the light of the Gods keeps on burning.

Welcome, Odin, bring wisdom to our home.
Welcome, Frigga, we ask you for protection under your roof.
Welcome, Thor, keep the giants away from our door.
Welcome, Freya, let passion and joy find their home here.
Welcome, Frey, let this home blossom and prosper.
Welcome, Njord, bring serenity within these walls.
Be welcome, all you Gods, we ask that you bless this home where Asatru live.

3) Blessing the Home

Light a candle or small torch as a symbol for the light of the Gods, and carry it from room to room. Stand in the middle of the room and speak a blessing. If you´re a family, every member can do this for a different room, especially if they´re connected to it in some way, e.g. a child for their child´s room, a man for a hobby room, the wife for the kitchen... or vice versa :-). Pass the light from hand to hand.

May the Aesir and Vanir protect this house (home).
May frith and reconciliation return swiftly after each argument.
May peace come to all who enter here.
May it be a home for the Gods as well as for us.

Repeat this if you wish separately for each wall, the floor and the
ceiling, the room doors and windows with e.g. the words:

Thor, may this wall stand strong and protect us, like you.
Nerthus, may this floor be firm and supporting beneath me, like you.
Frigga, may this ceiling (roof) provide shelter and comfort, like you.
Heimdall, ward our passage through this door, as you watch everything in
Odin, may looking through this window provide us with new insights on
the things we know, like you.

A good meal rounds off the ritual, and a part of it should be shared with the Gods as sacrifice. Your new home has received the Gods´ blessings. May there be many places where Asatru gather and live with the Gods, in the here and now. 

© Michael Schütz – Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard – www.asatruringfrankfurt.de

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